Annoying, Irritating and Painful.

It's normal to produce one to two quarts of mucous daily and not even realize it. That's because when it's producing at normal consistencies and amounts, it actually helps to keep your nasal passages, throat, stomach and intestinal tract healthy. However, when you produce too much mucous or it becomes too thick the problems begin.

Post Nasal Drip occurs when mucous drips from your nasal passages down the back of your throat. When mucous is too thick, it causes an annoying feeling that makes you want to constantly clear your throat. Call Denton Combs Center for Excellence in Care in Sioux Falls, SD to learn more.

"Many issues that cause post nasal drip are things that can be identified and controlled. Through testing we can identify what the problem is and determine a plan to help you overcome this annoying and oftentimes painful condition."
-Denton Combs